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This page will provide you with everything you need to know regarding Sheriff Sale properties. We hope you find it helpful.

Sheriff Sales by Date:

***There will not be a sale in December 2015***


09/24/2015 Land Appraisals
09/24/2015 Sheriff Sale
09/24/2015 Sheriff Sale Results

10/01/2015 Tax Foreclosure Sale
10/22/2015 Land Appraisals
10/22/2015 Sheriff Sale

11/19/2015 Land Appraisals
11/19/2015 Sheriff Sale


01/14/2016 Sheriff Sale

02/11/2016 Sheriff Sale



Trumbull County Land Bank

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Rules & Regulations

Property Description Approval Form

Real Estate Judicial Sale Purchaser Information Form

Short Form Deed

***Transfer forms may be obtained in the Trumbull County Auditor's Office located at 160 High Street N.W., Warren, Ohio.


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